Tuesday, June 3, 2014

AFA Receives $250K Grant from the George and Vicki Muellner Foundation

AFA recently announced a $250,000 grant received from the George and Vicki Muellner Foundation to provide scholarships for students participating in Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings.

George K. Muellner is the current Chairman of the Board for AFA, elected in the fall of 2012. He is a Life Member of AFA and has previously served as the Vice Chairman for Aerospace Education, a National Director, and as a member of the Aerospace Education Council. Muellner served 31 years in the U.S. Air Force, retiring as a lieutenant general in 1998 from the position of principal deputy for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition in Washington, D.C., to which he was assigned in 1995. Muellner went on to work for Boeing Company, retiring in 2008 as president of Advanced Systems for the Integrated Defense Systems business unit.

The generous gift will provide supplemental funding for Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings students for their undergraduate studies.

"Our hope is that this funding will help make lack of financial resources less of a hindrance to the students’ academic excellence and that both Arnold Air Society and Silver Wings members understand they have strong advocates in AFA for their success,” said George Muellner.

Read the full announcement here: http://higherlogicdownload.s3.amazonaws.com/AFA/6379b747-7730-4f82-9b45-a1c80d6c8fdb/UploadedImages/Press%20Releases/2014/June/Muellner%20Scholarship%20Announcement.pdf

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