Friday, July 26, 2013

AFA Honors 60th Anniversary of the End of the Korean War

On July 27, 1953 an armistice was signed, putting an end to the war in Korea. The United States provided over 1.8 million troops during the three-year war, as a part of a coalition formed with the United Nations to defeat the attempts of communist North Korea, China, and the Soviet Union to control the Korean Peninsula.

The United States Air Force played a central role in the war, which marked the first time jet aircraft were used in a contested area. The new generation of fast, jet-powered fighters provided support to coalition troops, giving them the advantage over their adversaries.
AFA remembers and celebrates those who served in the Korean War, and pays tribute to their legacy by continuing to fly, fight, and win. For more information on the signing of the Korean War Armistice visit:


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