Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 Air Force Association Cycling Classic

AFA Partners with Arlington Sports for the 2013 Air Force Association Cycling Classic Held in June to Benefit the AFA Wounded Airman Program

The Air Force Association will partner with Arlington Sports to host the annual 2013 Air Force Association Cycling Class on June 8-9 in Arlington, Va. The AFA Wounded Airman Program will be the sole official beneficiary and will receive a portion of the funds raised from the event.

“The Air Force Association is very pleased to serve as the event partner for this year’s Cycling Classic,” said Craig McKinley, AFA President. “This is a great opportunity to support our wounded Airmen who have served and sacrificed on behalf of our country. AFA strives to honor their service and to provide both emotional and financial support as they continue on the road to recovery. We hope to create an environment of comfort and community for our dedicated Airmen where they are able to reintegrate back to life at home.”

“The Air Force Association is proud to establish this new partnership with Arlington Sports, Inc. to join forces to support the local cycling community and our Airmen who become injured while serving our country,” said George Muellner, AFA Chairman of the Board. “We owe it to the men and women of the Air Force to take care of them when they return home in need of special assistance, and AFA’s Wounded Airman Program helps fulfill that duty.”

Registration for the 2013 Air Force Association Cycling Classic is now open and available

Arlington Sports, Inc. is dedicated to the promotion and development of professional and amateur cycling and is proud to use their events as a means to help various causes. More than 1,700 riders participated in last year’s two-day event, and it had more than 55 individual and corporate fundraisers.


Mary Salemme said...

My company will match my donation to the Wounded Airman Program. Is there a tax id number and email address I can provide to them so they will match my gift?

The Air Force Association Blog said...

Hi, Mary! AFA's Advancement Department can surely help facilitate that process. E-mail, and we can get you more information!