Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Veterans Day Poem

Below is a poem submitted from an AFA member from our Paul Revere Chapter, based in Massachusetts, written for Veterans Day. It's a form of tribute and thank you to his fellow Veterans and servicewomen and men.

All That Veterans Protect
“Freedom Walk”
November 9, 2012

An older brother awoke, in the middle of the night.
To the sobbing cries of his little brother tike

What’s the matter, my little guy?
“Oh nothing…nothing at all” was the soft reply.

But the reason for the tears and a dream so severe,
Was the thought of war and the body counts to fear.

You see the town was safe and the childhood happy
Many thanks to those who were protecting our land

A little boy’s world could be enlarged so wide
Simply from a black and white TV at his side

The thought of war and nothing but death,
Was too much to bear beyond a little boy’s path

But the boy grew-up and also served his country,
Increased respect for God and Country

Many airmen and soldiers have gone to their graves
Sacrifices many, before even one could shave

We have our Veterans to thank this November day
Too many to count, their legacy intact, we should repay

That boy grew up, realizes each day, with modest intellect
That there is much to preserve and much to protect

Most of all the sacrifice of our Veterans
Their compassion complete!

Thank you my Veteran brothers and sisters for your protection
Your dedication repeats!

Your service, your bravery we cannot forget and certainly not just talk
As I watch a new little boy starts his freedom walk.

- K.M. Taylor
(Paul Revere Chapter, MA)