Monday, March 19, 2012

Anniversary of the War in Iraq

Nine years ago today, very late on March 19, Operation Iraqi Freedom began. It was a conflict that consumed Americans and sparked controversy in the many years that followed. So as today marks the anniversary of the conflict that has finally seen its end, Americans should pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of courageous men and women who have served this country proudly.  Even more, we should pause to remember the thousands of individuals who gave the ultimate sacrifice.  Their sacrifice was not in vain … as Saddam Hussein was captured, tried in a court of law, and put to death for his near genocide of both Kurds in the North and Shia in the South.  Today millions in Iraq, as a result of US and allied efforts, are free from fear.

Despite the challenges that have surrounded the conflict, the service and sacrifices of our nation’s Airmen, Sailors, Soldiers and Marines deserve recognition. God bless.

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