Thursday, January 12, 2012

AFA on Federal News Radio

Just a couple of weeks ago, DoD release their new defense strategy amidst a budget environment that continues to be overwhelmingly tense where the Air Force has sent signals it's bracing for major cuts. Yesterday evening, AFA President and CEO Mike Dunn and Federal News Radio’s Francis Rose discussed the new defense strategy, the role of airpower in it and how the Air Force is set to phase out 200 airplanes without plans to replace them. 

Read/Listen to the full interview here: Air Force to phase out older aircraft?

Also, if you missed Dunn's comments last week on the Air Force's intentions to phase out older aircraft in last week's Wired Magazine's Danger Room, check it out here:


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Anonymous said...

This is the year all should standup and be counted through their votes. The government as it stands has not accomplished much over the last 4 years except to help place us in deeper debt. The Militay should keep open the current production lines for the F15, F16 and F18 aircraft as well as the C17. I know the F35 is the modern aircraft and they should treat is like they did the F117 aircraft specil mission type. This would keep the cost down to maintain Country protection as required. We can not afford to spend as we did, follow the German s, they are cutting back to allow us to protect them in Europe well we should cut Foreign aid and lower our needs to buy newer aircraft.