Saturday, December 3, 2011

Washington Perspective -- Military Coalition goals

AFA members, many of you don’t know the great work AFA does for you on the Hill – both in support of the Air Force and for you personally.

One way we do this is to coordinate our Hill efforts with other veterans groups. We call this the Military Coalition, and we collectively represent about 5.5 million veterans.

Every year in the fall we hash out goals for the upcoming year. Sometimes we cannot agree; sometimes one or more groups “opt out” of a specific goal.

We have put the 2012 goals on our website at:

Take a moment to scroll through them to see what we are trying to achieve. Some of the papers on the web are labeled “draft” – but in reality all of them are final … as of two days ago.

If you have any thoughts on them, send them to me.

Thanks, in advance. Mike

Michael M. Dunn

Air Force Association

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Earl said...

This may be the wrong place to ask.
But here goes. I think the ARRP goals are at cross purposes with the AFA goals. They want to sell insurance. They believe that retired military are getting more than their share of retirement pay and medical benefits. Does the AFA have a position on AARP?