Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick Note from the Director of Policy & Communications

AFA members, Congressional staff members, civic leaders, and DOCA members, just a quick note.

Last week Secretary of the Air Force Mike Donley and Chief of Staff General Schwartz testified before the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) on 17 Feb. A portion of SECAF’s testimony is below.

"In all, during the past seven years the size of the active duty Air Force has been reduced from 359,000 in 2004 to approximately 333,000 today and the Air Force's baseline budget, when adjusted for inflation and setting aside the annual wartime supplemental appropriations, has remained flat. Looking ahead, we face a multiyear effort to recapitalize our aging tanker, fighter, bomber and missile forces, to continue modernizing critical satellite constellations, meet dynamic requirements in the cyber domain and replace aging airframes for pilot training and presidential support. We continue to recognize the requirement for fiscal restraint and are committed to remaining good stewards of every taxpayer dollar, improving management and oversight at every opportunity."

The 2011 Posture is posted here (large file) at

Finally, as you know we have begun posting individual profiles of Air Force heroes. This one is about First Lieutenant Roslyn Schulte, a Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance and Operations Officer. You can find the link at:

For your consideration.

Chet Curtis
Director of Policy and Communications

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