Sunday, June 13, 2010

Social Media, Nunn-McCurdy, CPIII

June 13, 2010

Social media has taken over the internet and put people in close contact with each other. See how social media is being used to fight the war on terrorism and support our fighting forces in Afghanistan. Young Air Force analysts are showing how the Facebook generation's skills are being exploited - and paying dividends - in America's wars. You can find it here.

Recently Department of Defense officials have certified that six acquisition programs, including the F-35 Lightning II and the DDG-1000 destroyer, should continue under Nunn-McCurdy legislation. When a program grows more than 50 percent beyond the original estimate, legislation requires the DOD acquisition executive to certify to Congress "that the program is essential to national security, that there are no alternatives to the program which will provide acceptable capability." You can find it here.

We made two major announcements this week about our CyberPatriot National High School Cyber Defense Competition. The finals of CyberPatriot III will be at our new CyberFutures Symposium in Washington, D.C. We'll be announcing speakers for the event over the coming months. We also are proud to announce a stellar Board of Advisors for CyberPatriot, chaired by Dr. Paul Kaminski. It includes some great minds from the Air Force, academia and industry.

We also want to congratulate Gen. C. Robert Kehler, recipient of the General Thomas D. White US Air Force Space Trophy.

June 14 is Flag Day. Our national Air Force Memorial will have a special ceremony.

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