Friday, September 18, 2009

SECDEF, SECAF and CSAF remarks to AFA

This week AFA held its annual Air & Space Conference in Washington DC. It was a great event … and very well attended. We had presentations from a vast array of leaders, both inside and outside of the Air Force. Many attendees got to hear from such luminaries as the Doolittle Raiders and the Tuskegee Airmen.

Three of the presentations were especially notable. The first was by Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates. His speech can be found on our website at:

Following his talk, Secretary Gates took questions from the audience. The questions and his answers can be found at:

The second notable talk was given by Secretary of the Air Force, Michael Donley. It can be found on our website at:

Finally, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen Norton Schwartz made a presentation that can also be found on our website at:


Unknown said...

There has to be a way to allow more airmen to attend. I've heard that comparable Army and Navy events charge for everything except listening to the speakers, which is free.

Norm on Aviation said...

Norm on Aviation said…

I think Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is setting the proper course for future the Air Force strategy and mission for fighting the two current wars, providing future Air Force air power needs for defending America against attack from any enemy and the strategies that will be needed in future conflicts/wars. His analysis and understanding of this mission, I believe, are very comprehensive and is “right on”.

As always, there will be the “devil is in the details” but with these fundamental strategies laid out so clearly, the Air Force will be very relevant along with our other magnificent Army, Navy, Marine and Coast Guard colleagues, in carrying out defending America and executing future fighting wars/conflicts as directed by the President and Commander-in-Chief and Congress.

I also must thank the AFA leadership in making these positions by the top DOD and Air Force leaders immediately known to AFA members and a forum to comment on these very important issues to the Air Force and United States.



Unknown said...

I sincerely hope the Air Force gets it right this time. A bit more oversight, perhaps, from leaders to ensure a LTC doesn't give away the goods this time. Best wishes and I pray for an early delivery.

Boulder Sailor said...

When I first read this I though it might be an ACSC that had been retreaded into a white paper. However, that can't be correct because there are assertions stated as facts with no footnotes or references along with an egregious number of syntax, spelling and general usage errors. I agree, we need a new aerial refueler, but this just adds fog to the case by use of such unfortunate authorship and editing.

Is it time time to republish the "Tongue and Quill?

Rey Neville
Col USAF (ret)

Unknown said...

Just goes to show how good Boeing
aircraft are. Why mess with a winner?

Randolph Tower said...

We need one tanker. Two means more parts, different training. Ground and air.

We need it yesterday.

I hope all the procrastinators in Washington take note. Our defense and survival are more important than politics.

Unknown said...

So sad the Air Force has inflicted its problems in tankers and other acquisitions on itself by allowing individual career interests to overcome ethics. Druyun was unable to do all the damage for so many years without career acquisition staff complicity and pandering to White House political interests. To blame others is ridiculous. USAF has blown off its own foot.