Thursday, July 30, 2009

2010 Budget, Afghanistan

This week I ran across perhaps the best document I have seen to date on the FY2010 budget. It is a CRS document [warning - it is very large - over 70 pages] that is very readable. It has lots of great info in it … and I want to highlight just one of many useful facts. Note the chart on page 5 [document page 5, not PDF page 5]. AFA's view is that we as a nation spend a minimum of 4% of GDP on defense in the base budget. This chart tells you what we get if we did that through 2012. You can find the document on our website at:

Secondly, one of you sent me a series of pictures of what it is like on the ground in Afghanistan. We put the pictures on the web. [Note: the file is very large and will take time to download]. A few points on these pictures. I am told they are pictures of the Spanish Army in the country - not the US Army or Marines. They give you an idea of how rugged the terrain is … and what our magnificent troops are having to endure. Finally, they are a testament as to why airpower is so important. If one wants to travel quickly, strike quickly, or do almost anything militarily in the country, you have to rely on air and space power. My favorite photo? See page six. []

Finally, I want to recommend an op-ed which appeared this week in the Wall Street Journal []. It is written by Bing West, a former Assistant Secretary of Defense and Marine. Mr. West has spent considerable time in both Iraq and Afghanistan and looks at the countries with both a policy and operational mindset. The piece is both educational and opinion-based. If you only have time for one paragraph, read the last one - which reminds me of the movie Charlie Wilson's War … at the very end of the movie - where we can spend billions to help the mujahadin defeat the Soviets … but can't come up with $1M for a school house.

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Michael M. Dunn


Unknown said...

Dear Mr. Dunn , Have you had a chance to read The American Legion Magazine August 2009 (pg30)...You may have some comments too Peter Grant's article !!! Sincerly,Fred Meurer AFO889335FM4#

WhiteCloud said...

In reading this latest update by the AFA and it's president on the " 2010 Budget, Afghnistan," FY2010 budget CRS document and it's [warning -it is very large -over 70 pages] that is very readable, and the * note the chart on page 5 [document age 5,not PDF page 5], a thank ful blessing as who want's to go through an entire PDF only to find you were reading the document not to mention the wrong page when we as nation spend a minimum of 4 % of the GDP on defense in the base budget in the first place. I would like to note all of those who recieve money of ask for money for their worth while taw exempt charities spending billion's of dollar's on the latest fashion's and foriegn import's while none seem to allocate a dime for national defense when it is more than likely a government job they contract for or in which American Union's charge so much for the R&D, and prodution of much neded and vital good's for national defense in the first place.... Beats me why they close our military bases and cut back on the military budget and cry fowel when some one decides to bomb us like 9/11 and Pearl Harbor just to name a few as I sure they are not finished who ever they are !

WhiteCloud said...

You know I was watching a Marine movie and I don't remember as to which one,but in this one particular movie the Marines had fought and had endured the hardship of waiting to be relieved and re-supplied on an desolate island in the Pacific. As the cook had feed the hungry Marines he had to use what ever resources he could to prepare their Chow. Well he had a habbit to just add pepper " Plenty of Pepper," and that made anything palatable or so he thought until one day one Marine who's boot's were worn out threw them in his cook pot and said " Here Cookie try these for flavor," and the cook just said " Add more Pepper ! "

Well Relief finnaly came for the Marines from the Army who had tons and tons of new supplies the only thing the Marines were not on their list as it was the Army's Quater Master's who held the purse strings. So as a group of Marine Corps fighter planes flew over head they yelled " Look the enemy take cover," and stole them some Army food supplies, but the Marine who needed boot's who tried to snag the boot's from an Army shoulder when he said he could hide in his fox hole was heart broken when the GI picked up his boots and left the Marine with his... The movie was " Marine Corps Raider's," and that is a classic example of how our country spends only 4% of the GDP on defense !