Friday, April 10, 2009

Dunn: Further Comments on the Budget

AFA members, Congressional Staffers, civic leaders, and DOCA members, I heard from hundreds of you on my last note (see:

After reading all the responses, I can see that I need to clarify my comments on cutting 250 fighter aircraft from the force. I was perhaps a bit too tough on DOD on this one. From the Air Force perspective, these aircraft are going to age out of the force before they can be replaced. Absent a huge increase in the number of F-22s and F-35s, there is nothing anyone can do to prevent this. Thus in the view of the Air Force – why not take them out now, assume a bit of risk, and use the money for other needs. I think I may have done that if I were in charge. But … let me hear from you if you think I am wrong.

Secondly, the AFA Chairman of the Board, Joe Sutter, from Knoxville, Tennessee, has written an op-ed that I think is worthy of your review. In it, Joe posits that we may be one day closer to when the US loses air dominance; one day closer to the day when we cannot rescue a downed Airman; one day closer to the day when we cannot project strategic power; and one day closer to the day when we are at risk to a ballistic missile attack against the US or our allies. Do we have a strong Air Force today? Yes. But today's decisions impact our … and our children/grandchildren's future. You can find it at this link:


Michael M. Dunn

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