Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Running Out Of Time

According to AFA’s Daily Report, a recent GAO study states that we could be without viable aircraft in certain locations around the country by 2020. Here's the core of it:

Eleven of the 18 sites across the nation at which the Air Force maintains fighter aircraft on 24-hour alert to protect US airspace “could be without viable aircraft by 2020,” if their legacy F-15s and F-16s are not replaced within the next few years, the GAO warns in a new report.

Finally, a report that declares--directly and publicly--what we have been saying for years: We are going to run out of useable aircraft if we do not start replacing the aircraft we have, and soon. As tough choices have to be made in cutting the defense budget procurement, seems to me we’ll depend more on 50 year old aircraft and UAVs to defend our country. Is that the way a superpower is supposed to do it?

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